Cover Crops for Busy People

Cover Crops

by Sandy Swegel

There’s one more thing to plant this year. Some of us are eager Fall gardeners and we’re still planting lots

of greens and crops for fall and winter harvest.  Most people though are feeling kind of done with the whole gardening thing for this year.  There are still lots of tomatoes to harvest, but attention has turned to the projects of Fall and the busy-ness of the school year.

The one more thing to plant is cover crops.  A cover crop mixture of winter rye and vetch seeded now will be up and growing by October and provide a pretty green cover on the garden bed well into winter, prevent weeds in the Spring, and greatly improve your soil over time.

There’s a lot more to know about cover crops, but if you’re one of the people who has gotten busy and is done with the garden for now, just throw some cover crop seeds over your empty garden bed space and let it start growing.  If you wait until the weather freezes and the garden is really done, the soil will be too cold for the cover crops to germinate.

Next Spring, you can start to think about whether to till in the crops or just let them die in place.  Right now….just get the seed in before it gets cold.

If you want to know more now, this fact sheet will help.


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