Can I get quantities other than those listed on your site?
Absolutely! Please call or email us and we can let you know if we have your desired quantities in stock.
Do you offer seeds for weddings and special occasions?
Yes, we do and we would love to speak with you about this! Please give us a call or send us an email!
Do you send orders by U.S. Mail or UPS?
We usually evaluate the size and weight of the order and then determine the best and most affordable means of shipping.
Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
We ship to Canada in quantities less than 1 lb. but are not set up to ship overseas at this time due to strict laws and regulations.
Do your wildflower seed mixes contain annuals and perennials?
Yes, they do. The annuals provide colorful results the first season since most of the perennials will not produce blossoms the first year. If you are planting to help the pollinators, this provides critical pollen and nectar which the perennials won’t produce until subsequent years. The perennials will take over in the following years and the annuals will re-seed themselves a bit.
How can I get a copy of your catalog?
We do not print a catalog anymore.  We have decided that it isn’t a great return for our expense and it is ecologically much better for the environment.  You can see our products on our website and feel free to call if you are looking for something that you don’t see there.
How can I receive your online newsletter?
You can now scroll to the bottom of the home page and fill in the form.  You can also send your email address to mailto:info@bbbseed.com
How do I find out what zone I live in?
Great question! If you scroll over  ‘Resources’ on the ‘Home Page’ of our website, you will seed ‘Hardiness Zones’ in the ‘Garden Gossip’ column.  Enter your zip code into the box on the ‘Hardiness Zones’ screen.
How do I get wholesale prices on your website?
You can contact us to receive the link to register for the wholesale website. Or, you can give us a call for wholesale pricing.

If I do not see a specific flower or grass seed on your website, does that mean that you do not carry it?
Not necessarily. It is definitely worth giving us a call because if we do not have a specific seed in stock, we may be able to get it for you.

Is fall a good time to plant?
I’m so glad that you asked!  In temperate zones, it is best to plant in the fall just prior to the first rains.  In areas with hard freezes, late Fall and even during the Winter can be a great time to plant for a dormant seeding and Mother Nature would agree! Just make sure that the seed has good seed-to-soil contact.  You can find complete planting tips in our catalog or on our website under the ‘Resources’ tab, under the ‘Wildflower/Grass Tips’ column. We also have planting tips printed on the backside of our seed tags!
Shipping can be expensive. Why is that?
We really appreciate your business and therefore would never attempt to “make money” on shipping and handling. Our goal is to recoup some of the costs of filling and shipping an order (postage, merchant fees, packing materials, labor costs). We do not inflate product prices in order to cover shipping costs.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and personal checks.  We also accept payment through PayPal/PayPal Express.
Where are you located?
Our warehouse is located in Gunbarrel, Colorado which is just north of Boulder. We are not set up to be a retail facility, but if you call or email us, we would be happy to refer you to one of the many retail nurseries or garden centers in your area that carry our seed or check out our locations here.   info@bbbseed.com or 303-530-1222 phone, 1-866-897-1222  fax.
What should I do once my flowers have finished blooming?
Once your flowers have finished blooming and the seed has matured, you can cut them down. The seed head should be completely dried and brittle.  You can then use a string trimmer to ‘weed whack’ them off or cut down by hand and scatter the seeds.
Do I need to fertilize my wildflowers?
As a general rule, wildflowers do not require fertilizer. Most fertilizers contain nitrogen which will only cause the plant to produce more foliage, not more blooms.
How do I plant wildflower seed?
Pick an area that receives full sun most of the day. Remove any grasses and weeds.  Rough up the soil to a depth of not more than two inches. Evenly apply the seed you have purchased over the area being careful not to plant too much seed on a small plot. Look for the seeding rate on the label of your seed packet.  Once your seed has been planted you may cross rake to mix the seed into the top ½ inch of soil. Keep the area moist for the next 2-3 weeks. This last step is probably the most important one. Don’t let your seed bed dry out during the day. If you are having rains, let the rains keep it moist, otherwise, you will need to make sure it receives enough moisture.
Can I save my seed to plant next year?
You can save seed from plants that are not hybrids.  That is true for wildflowers and vegetables.  Our seeds are not hybrids so you can certainly save their seeds.  That is a great way to increase your flower populations and/or to keep the heirloom vegetable varieties that you desire.
How long does wildflower seed last?
You can save your wildflower seed in a cool, dry spot, out of the light for several years.  Use some each year to over-seed and fill in some bare spots.  You can purchase a larger quantity of Annual Wildflower Mix to use for over-seeding each year which will bring back the brilliant colors of the annuals that have faded out.
Will wildflowers grow in a shady area?
Most wildflower species do best in full sun, however, there are some that will grow in partially shaded areas like the dappled shade under an aspen tree or in an area that is sunny part of the day, but in the shade the rest of the day.  We have a mix that consists of these species that can tolerate some shady conditions.