Organizations and People Doing Great Stuff!

Here are some organizations and people that are working hard and doing great stuff! You can find events and workshops for gardening, planting for pollinators and even volunteer for great causes!

Colorado Pollinator Network

This group is working on the Colorado Pollinator Month (June) to get awareness and support for local pollinators throughout communities in Colorado and beyond.  Their steering committee has formed the beginnings of their structure and mission.  Here is what happened in November at the third annual Pollinator Summit!

The mission of The Bees Waggle is to spread the word about how important pollinators are, and to reduce the fear of bees by educating children (and adults) about them.  Jessica Goldstrohm, Owner and Head Educator at The Bees Waggle, does many presentations to schools as well as adult groups to help everyone understand the importance, and simplicity, of nurturing the survival of pollinators in our own yards and communities.
Jessica earned a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences from CSU, and a Bachelor’s in News Editing from CU, both of which have proven very useful for her current endeavors.  She is a Colorado native and has a passion for the outdoors.  She decided to establish The Bees Waggle with her husband, David Goldstrohm in 2015 after watching several documentaries about the plight of bees and monarchs.  She writes a blog, does presentations to various age groups, develops native bee products, and has developed elementary school curriculum centered around educating youth on the importance of pollinators to our planet. Jessica currently serves on the boards of People and Pollinators Action Network, Bee Safe Earth and Colorado Pollinator Network Steering Committee.

Free Your Lawn…
…and the rest will follow!

Welcome to the official site of the International network, operated by the founding chapter of Food Not Lawns. Turning Yards into Gardens and Neighborhoods into Communities since 1999!
The kickstarter campaign to fund the 2015 national and international tour is live!

Living Systems Institute and Honeybee Keep are sponsoring the “Bee Safe Neighborhoods” campaign to create living spaces where honey bees and other pollinators can propagate without the effects of toxic chemicals. We want to help Bee Safe Neighborhoods obtain swarm traps and/or build hives for honeybees.
If you are interested in becoming a Bee Safe Coordinator in your neighborhood after reading the information below, please send an email to d-braden AT We’d love to know who you are, how to contact you and the name of the neighborhood you call home.
This work has been endorsed by the following organizations: PANNA, Friends of the Earth, Beyond Pesticides, Colorado State Beekeepers. Check out their happenings and up-coming events.

Beyond Pesticides works with allies in protecting public health and the environment to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides.