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Our 5 Most Popular Pollinator Seed Mixes

  Save the Pollinators Pollinators are the magic ingredient that makes our natural world work. They fuel lifecycles of entire ecosystems and are found everywhere flowering plants are. Humans are also incredibly dependent on pollinators. Pollinators come in all shapes and sizes. Honeybees, native bees, bumblebees, butterflies, birds, bats, and other wild critters are all […]


Our Most Popular Wildflower Seed Mixes May 2019

Wildflower Seeds What is a wildflower? Well, a wildflower is any flowering plant that has not been altered from its wild state. These plants have had no selective breeding, no genetic modification, and are all natural! These little beauties can be found in nearly any environment; from mountains to prairies, swamps to deserts! Wildflowers provide […]


Name that Seedling

Wildflower Seeds by Sandy Swegel Everything’s greening up in your garden and there are so many interesting baby plants.  Can you recognize what’s a friend or a foe?  Here are some clues to help you identify little seedlings that may be coming up in your garden right now!   I’m a weed, but I’m a […]


Saving Seed

Saving Seeds from Heirloom Vegetables by Rebecca Hansen What are “heirloom” vegetables? An heirloom vegetable is a non-hybrid, open-pollinated variety that has been passed down from generation to generation and, in some cases, can be traced back hundreds of years.  These seed lines have been carefully selected to maintain uniformity and consistency for germination.  Heirloom […]


BBB Seed’s Wildflowers to Attract Butterflies and Birds

Wildflower Seeds by Heather Stone It brings great pleasure to see more birds and butterflies about the garden and we as gardeners can do a lot to attract and protect the birds and butterflies that visit our garden. These critters simply need a safe place to live and healthy food to eat. Butterflies For butterflies, […]


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seed Recipe by Sam Doll There are so many reasons to enjoy the month of October, but one of the truly special traditions is carving spooky jack-o-lanterns for Halloween! While making funny faces and creative carvings can be a blast, I get most excited for turning the slimy guts of the pumpkins into crispy, […]


Seed Hoarders

Saving Seeds Thank goodness that “Hoarders” TV show doesn’t ever focus on seed hoarders. Gardeners who are very tidy and organized and otherwise not people who collect or hoard things can secretly have boxes full of seed from years and years of  seed saving.  Sometimes the seeds are gifts from friends, or seeds ordered because […]


Monarch Flower Seed Collection

Our Monarch Flower Seed Collection will give you an assortment of species known to be favorites of Monarch Butterflies for nectar source and food for larval growth.


Why Grow From Seed

Seed Starting by Sandy Swegel We all know it’s a good idea to grow from seed. Every winter I fantasize about the amazing garden I could have if I just got started earlier. And every year I somehow end up buying plants that I know I could have started on my own with a little […]