All Seeds that Begin with L

Grass seed mixes, wildflower seed mixes, wildflower seeds, heirloom non-GMO vegetable seeds that begin with the letter L.  Include items such as English Lavender, Leeks, Larkspur, Lettuce and Low Growing Wildflower Mix among others.

  • Flax, Blue – Linum lewisii

  • American Flag Leek seed package.

    Leek, American Flag, Org

    $2.31 Sale!
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    Sweet Alyssum, ‘Royal Carpet’ – Lobularia maritima ‘Royal Carpet’

  • Goldfields Wildflower Seeds

    Goldfields – Lasthenia glabrata

  • Northern Lights Snapdragon

    Snapdragon, Northern Lights – Linaria maroccana

  • Lemon Balm – Melissa officinalis

  • Freckles Romaine lettuce seed package.

    Lettuce, Freckles Romaine, Org

    $2.31 Sale!
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    Lupine, Desert – Lupinus arizonicus

  • Purple Locoweed Wildflower Seeds

    Locoweed, Purple – Oxytropis lambertii

  • Scarlet Flax Wildflower Seeds

    Flax, Scarlet – Linum grandiflorum rubrum

  • Maltese Cross

    Maltese Cross – Lychnis chalcedonica

  • Low Maintenance Grass Seed Mix

    Low Maintenance Grass Mix

  • Summer Bib lettuce seed package.

    Lettuce, Summer Bibb

    $1.51 Sale!
  • A packet of Silver Lupine seeds.

    Lupine, Silver – Lupinus argenteus

  • Sweet Alyssum Wildflower seed pack

    Sweet Alyssum – Lobularia maritima