• Mesclun lettuce blend seed package.

    Mesclun Greens Mix, Org

    $2.15 Sale!
  • A packet of Micro Greens Seed Mix.

    Microgreens Blend

    $1.59 Sale!
  • Mizuna Mustard seed package.

    Mustard, Mizuna, Org

    $2.15 Sale!
  • A seed packet of Clemson Spineless Okra seeds.

    Okra, Clemson Spineless, Org

    $1.83 Sale!
  • Tokyo Bunching Onion seed packet.

    Onion, Tokyo Bunching

    $1.59 Sale!
  • Walla Walla Sweet Onion seed package.

    Onion, Walla Walla Sweet, Org

    $2.31 Sale!
  • Dwarf Grey Sugar Pea seed packet.

    Pea, Dwarf Grey Sugar

    $1.51 Sale!
  • Green Arrow Shelling Pea seed package.

    Pea, Green Arrow

    $1.51 Sale!
  • Oregon Sugar Pod Pea seed packet.

    Pea, Oregon Sugar Pod, Org

    $1.83 Sale!
  • Sugar Ann Pea seed packet.

    Pea, Sugar Ann

    $1.59 Sale!
  • Anaheim pepper seed package.

    Pepper, Anaheim

    $1.35 Sale!
  • A packet of Early Jalapeno pepper seeds.

    Pepper, Early Jalapeno

    $1.59 Sale!
  • Golden CalWonder Sweet Pepper seed packet.

    Pepper, Golden Calwonder, Org

    $1.83 Sale!
  • Habanero Pepper seed package.

    Pepper, Habanero

    $1.51 Sale!
  • Tampio Serrano Pepper seed package.

    Pepper, Tampio Serrano

    $1.51 Sale!