Mini EZ Hoop House

Gardening Tips

by Sandy Swegel


Do you have little hoop houses in your garden? If no, Why Not?

They are super easy and there are hundreds of DIY plans on the internet.

Judging from the number of articles in garden magazines on DIY hoop houses, everyone is very interested in these. But looking at gardens around town, no many people get around to using them.


You can be different.

Mini Hoop houses or low tunnels will give you an extra month of growing right now.

Your seeds will germinate better.

You’ll have fewer flea beetles and other pests.

You’ll worry less about watering.

Here’s my five-minute hoop house:
6 pieces of 2 ft rebar
¾ “ irrigation hosing cut into 5 foot sections.
Plastic cover. (I get leftover scraps from a nearby market farmer, but painter’s plastic will work for a year or two.) Simple row cover works too. Or plastic wrapping from a mattress. It doesn’t take much to keep all that heat from escaping.
Old bricks or rocks to hold down the plastic.




Here are some super simple designs to inspire you.

The best part about the popularity of mini hoop houses or low tunnels is that you can now buy pre-made, fold up tunnels for less than $25 at garden centers, hardware stores or online

Really, the garden wants you to come out and grow your own food. It’s really easy to get a head start!

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