Our Partners

Food for pollinators means food for humans


Red Wagon Farm- Red Wagon Farm has been run by Wyatt Barnes and Amy Tisdale since 2004 in Boulder, CO.  They strive to have a sustainable farm which to them means using their land, water, and other resources in a responsible way. Not only do they farm in a manner that is sustainable for the land, they also provides wildlife habitat, which is why they agreed to team up with BBB Seed and increase habitat for pollinators. https://redwagonfarmboulder.com/

Ollin Farms- Since being founded in 2007 by Mark Guttridge and his family, Ollin Farms has had the goal of conducting research and creating systems to promote resilient farm ecosystems from the soil up. They also provide education about healthy gardening, eating, and lifestyle choices that strengthen the community, a goal in which BBB Seed also shares. http://www.ollinfarms.com/

63rd Sreet Farm-   In 2007  Brian Scott started The 63rd St. Farm with the intention of building a permaculture based working farm that feeds families. He and his wife Amanda now have a passion for “Permaculture Design” and showing the community and families how to incorporate regenerative systems of agriculture into their home/business/world.  BBB Seed hoped to contribute to this model by providing perennial wildflowers to attract even more biodiversity onto this gorgeous farm in Boulder.

Isabelle Farm- Owned and operated by Jason and Natalie Condon, Isabelle Farm is a family-run, Certified Organic farm that grows more than 80 varieties of produce and grains on 400 acres in Boulder County.  “We love the land we live on and view it as our opportunity to leave a little corner of the world as healthy and biodiverse as possible,” which is why they wholeheartedly agreed to plant an entire hedgerow as a pollinator garden with BBB’s wildflower seeds.

 Aspen Moon Farm- At this beautiful Boulder-based farm, Owner-Operator Jason Griffith and wife Erin practice Biodynamic farming and old-fashioned holistic methods. Biodynamic farming includes the philosophy that all living systems on the farm are connected (soil fertility, natural plant health, and livestock care), which often produces nutrient and flavor rich goods and a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem on the land (which definitely includes untreated flowers!).

Three Leaf Farm- Three Leaf Farm is owned by Lenny and Sara Martinelli, who are committed to the idea of self-sustaining agriculture and an environmentally conscious lifestyle.  They own several award-winning restaurants that they supply with their own farm-fresh produce.  Jax, their son, has many beehives and is studying sustainable agriculture, which is why the family jumped at the chance of providing clean, healthy forage for domestic and native bees on their property.  http://threeleaffarm.com/

McCauley Family Farm- Also located in Boulder, McCauley Family Farm is an ecological sanctuary and a community of individuals who share a passion for farming. Farm manager Marcus McCauley is committed to healthy and conscious food, and practices permaculture techniques and bio-dynamic farming.  While they do save their seeds, they liked the idea of including some of BBB’s untreated, non-GMO wildflower seeds to add to their food forest (because food for pollinators means food for humans!).


The Bees Waggle- Jessica Goldstrohm and husband David started The Bees Waggle to raise awareness about the importance of bees and other pollinators.  They accomplish this by providing interesting educational content and sustainable native bee habitats, some of which BBB Seed has teamed up on.  Jessica has continued to support BBB Seed on all of our endeavors and we are thrilled that her new business is taking flight! http://thebeeswaggle.com/

Colorado State Beekeepers Association- Beth Conrey, president of the CSBA, has worked tirelessly on pollinator-related issues and solutions.  Her accomplishments as an independent beekeeper, such as working to get the Denver International Airport to host beehives and a large pollinator habitat, are what make Beth a great friend, partner, and supporter of BBB Seed.

Audobon Rockies-  Jamie Weiss, the Habitat Hero Coordinator for the Audobon Rockies chapter, was equally interested in forging a partnership on her like-minded project of increasing habitats to host bio-diverse species on privately owned land.  Her mission to educate and provide support to those wishing to start their own pollinator habitats is already wildly successful and BBB Seed is grateful to be a part of that by being one of their seed suppliers.

Butterfly Pavilion- If you have ever been to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO, their dedication to pollinators is undeniable.  Most recently, Master Gardener Amy Yarger has overseen a huge habitat project out behind their building, including milkweed, iris, rabbit brush, and other helpful plants.  Whether it is throwing seed bombs into their creekside wildlife refuge or dancing with their praying mantis mascot, BBB Seed hopes to continue to support them like they support our Plant for Pollinators Project. https://www.butterflies.org/

Bee Safe Boulder-David Wheeler and Molly Greacen are two of the most active members of the Boulder community fighting against the destruction of natural bee habitats.  The mission of Bee Safe Boulder is to create cleaner, healthier, and more biologically diverse environments one neighborhood at a time by educating and empowering local citizens, communities, and organizations to stop using harmful chemicals as a solution to environmental challenges.  They not only support our Plant for Pollinators project, but offer it as a main solution to those wishing to truly make a difference in their own yards and neighborhoods.  We at BBB Seed couldn’t think of a better organization to stand behind. http://beesafeboulder.org/

Bee Safe Earth- Bee Safe Earth is the global effort for Bee Safe Boulder.  Soon this mission will take over the world.  Think pollinator ribbons and bee safe gardens circling our earth… instead of trash and insecticides!

Growing Gardens- Growing Gardens is a Boulder-based non-profit organization founded in 1998.  With beautiful, community-driven gardens speckled across the county, they hope to bring us all together through sustainable urban agriculture.  Their philosophy is that by experiencing a direct and deep connection with food, the land, and each other, people and their communities will blossom.  BBB Seed stands by this noble cause and has been a partner with them and their gardens for years.   http://www.growinggardens.org/

People & Pollinators Action Network- Formed in 2014, and Pollinators Action Network (PPAN) works across Colorado to promote sustainable agricultural practices, safeguard public health, and improve our environment by fostering a strong movement to build community awareness, change policies and support best practices in the use of chemical pesticides and habitat management.  BBB Seed has worked alongside them to help meet these goals and hopes to continue to see progress in the future.  http://www.peopleandpollinators.org/

Beyond Pesticides- Beyond Pesticides, a national organization started in 1981, seeks to protect healthy air, water, land and food for current and future generations. They accomplish this by forging ties with governments, nonprofits and people who rely on these natural resources and by reducing the need for unnecessary pesticide use and protect public health and the environment.  Executive Director Jay Feldman Beyond Pesticides recognizes that clean forage needs to be part of this equation and has thus supported our Plant for Pollinators Project.

Pollinator Stewardship Council- Michele Colopy, Program Director, has been a key player in the quest to provide support and solutions for declining pollinator populations and has worked closely with BBB Seed to plant several new habitats in her neck of the woods (Ohio).  Pollinator Stewardship Council believes that pollinators are an important part of agricultural and other ecosystems that should be protected from harm caused by pesticide use. Furthermore, they also believe that farmers should be able to protect their crops from pests and use pesticides to do so. Coexistence of farming with pollinators is key to the survival of a vibrant agricultural economy, which is why they support BBB Seeds work with organic farmers to plant pollinator gardens in unused spaces within fields. http://pollinatorstewardship.org/

The Urban Farm Company- Bryant Mason, founder of The Urban Farm Company, knows that integrating pollinator habitats within the gardens he builds for customers is important.  Attracting these beneficial insects to the garden can not only increase yields but can fend off pests that want to eat your goods.  Byrant’s goal is to empower thousands of people to start growing food in their backyard and by working with BBB Seed, we can make sure that beautiful wildflowers can be a part of that.  http://urbanfarmcolorado.com/