All Seeds that Begin with V

Grass seed mixes, wildflower seed mixes, wildflower seeds, heirloom non-GMO vegetable seeds that begin with the letter V.  Seeds that begin with V includes items such as Viola wittrockiana, Vetch and Blue Vervain.

  • Johnny Jump-Up

    Johnny Jump-Up – Viola cornuta

  • Pansy, Swiss Giant – Viola wittrockiana

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    Verbena, Moss – Verbena tenuisecta

  • Blue Vervain

    Vervain, Blue – Verbena hastata

  • Purple blossoms on the American Vetch.

    Vetch, American – Vicia americana

  • Purple flowers on Hairy Vetch.

    Vetch, Hairy – Vicia villosa

  • Northern Sweetvetch

    Vetch, Utah Sweet – Hedysarum boreale

  • Package label for Virginia Stock seeds.

    Virginia Stock – Malcomia maritima