Planting Rate

A good rule of thumb is to plant 1 ounce of wildflower seed mix for 100-150 square feet. Our standard package of mixed seed is 28 grams, 1 oz. of seed, so count on this to cover 100 – 150 square feet, or simply put, an area of about 15′ x 10′.   Our 1/4 lb-bag will cover 375 – 500 square feet, the 1/2 lb-bag covers 750-1000 square feet and a 1 lb-bag will cover 1,500-2,000 square feet.  For large plots, use 25-30 lbs. (drilled) over one acre or 50-60 lbs. broadcast. These seeding rates are for our wildflower mixes only and do not apply to individual species which vary widely in their seeding rates.  Please feel free to call for individual seeding rates for large areas.  Our small packages of individual species seeds contain enough seed to generally cover 10 square feet or an area of about 3′x3′.
Do not seed thicker than these rates, particularly if you are using a mixture of annuals and perennials. The perennial species will not have enough space to expand and mature and you will get too many annuals the first year that could shade out the perennials emerging underneath, which need sunlight to grow and develop.