Grilled Mahi Mahi Burger with Homemade Smokey Chipotle Aioli

Heirloom Vegetable Recipe

from the kitchen and garden of Mike Scott

Grilled Fish Burger, Mahi Mahi, heirloom tomato, cheddar cheese, arugula, with my smokey chipotle aioli. Served with shoe-string fries tossed with olive oil, crushed garlic, and chopped fresh basil.

To Grill Mahi Mahi –

Brush Mahi Mahi with a light coat of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper and other herbs you might think go well with Mahi Mahi. I used fresh lemon thyme from our garden. Place fish on a hot grill away from coals. Cook the first side of the fish down until the flesh changes to a white color. Turn over carefully and cook the other side. Total cooking time should not take more than ten minutes. Try not to flip the fillets more than once or the fillets make break apart. Squeeze fresh lemon over the top and place on bun.

Smokey Chipotle Aioli
½ cup of mayonnaise
1 clove garlic minced or garlic pressed
1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
1 Tbsp. of chipotle chopped fine
salt & pepper to taste

Mix in a bowl and serve on top of the burger. You might want to save some for the fries. 🙂

**Fresh Ingredients straight from Mike Scott’s summer garden – heirloom tomato, arugula, basil, and lemon thyme

Meet Mike Scott…

A gardener since childhood, professional garden designer and proprietor of Eagle Rock Backyard Farms. Mike, his wife and 11-year-old daughter enjoy farm living at their house smack in the middle of Los Angeles’ urban sprawl. The Scott’s have a large coop with 7 hens, a free-roaming rabbit, beehives, and vegetable gardens tucked into just about every corner of available sunny space. Mike Scott designs and installs edible gardens, drip irrigation systems and chicken coops and, in his spare time, likes to tool around his own yard and kitchen discovering new ways to use whatever’s fresh in his yard that day. It’s all about growing it yourself.

Mike says, “I am an edible garden designer, not a chef. The most important part of cooking for me is cooking with really fresh ingredients. I’m trying to make people aware that there is such a difference in the way food tastes when you use something just picked. Grow your own!”
Tune in on Recipe Thursdays for more fresh recipes from Mike Scott!

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