Special Use Wildflower Mixes

Butterfly and Birds Wildflower Mix, Hummingbird Wildflower Mix, Shade Wildflower Mix are just a few of the specialized mixes we have put together with wildflowers that meet certain requirements. We also carry regional and state wildflower seed mixes.

  • All Annuals Wildflower Mix

  • Bee Rescue Mix

    Bee Rescue Mix

  • Bumblebee Bonanza Wildflower Mix seed packet

    Bumblebee Bonanza Mix

  • Butterflies and Birds Wildflower Mix

  • Deer Resistant Wildflower Mix

  • Drought-Tolerant Wildflower Mix

  • Fragrant Wildflower Mix Seeds

    Fragrant Wildflower Mix

  • Honey Source Mix

    Honey Source Mix

  • Tag on the Hummingbird wildflower mix

    Hummingbird Wildflower Mix

  • Low Growing Wildflower Seed Mix

    Low Growing Wildflower Mix

  • Monarch Rescue Mix Seed packet

    Monarch Rescue Mix

  • The label on a package of Parade of Poppies Flower mix.

    Parade of Poppies Mix

  • Pollinator Mixes Collection

    Pollinator Mixes Collection

  • Pollinator Tins

  • Shade Wildflower Mix

    Shade Wildflower Mix