Plant For Pollinators Project – PFP Project

BBB Seed has committed to providing clean forage and food for pollinators and humans for the past 8 years. While attending the Western Apicultural Society gathering in 2015, it struck us that we all need to be doing more to slow and perhaps reverse the ecological crisis of disappearing pollinators.  Though the evidence of pollinator decline and its cause is clear and overwhelming, the sight of beekeepers – our friends – weeping at the podium as they shared pictures of their now empty hives, was a serious call to action for us. In response, BBB Seed has created “The Plant For Pollinators Project,” a community-driven uprising to utilize small unused areas of farms and small properties to grow pollinator-friendly plant species.
We know there are several projects dedicated to this movement already, such as the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge and the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign, but more needs to be done to stir the pot and make headway toward this goal.

Please Plant For Pollinators to increase plant biodiversity, improve gardens yields, and make a positive difference for the future!


Being a trusted seed supplier, we fully understand the importance of forging bonds with the farmers who grow our food and our seeds. We knew that knowledgeable farmers would be the best people to work with to experiment in planting non-yielding areas (fallow fields, banks, fence-lines, etc.) for pollinators and other beneficial organisms. Many people wonder why we don’t see more hedgerows here in the United States as other countries such as Germany have. By having conversations with successful local farmers, we came to understand that they often face challenges that can make increasing clean forage difficult, such as water availability, hungry rodents, soil imbalance, and inability to cultivate on uneven or unstable ground.
Each partner farm is experimenting with increasing pollinator habitat in these areas this warm season with one pound of BBB’s wildflower seed so we can potentially find solutions to these difficulties. If we can make this work, we hope to extend our findings with other farmers in order to cultivate a mind-shift among the most important people in agriculture.


BBB Seed is made up of a team of people who enjoy connecting with others and joining forces in a way that will strengthen each other’s mission and improve the community as a whole. Please email to talk about a potential partnership- we look forward to it!


Increase the forage (food) for pollinators in your yards and gardens.

Seed Mixes for Pollinators

Here are 4 great seed mixes to plant for great forage!
Click Here for some ideas and a list of great plants.

BBB staff planting pollinator garden next to parking lot.