Fun Vegetable Collections

We have created this selection of heirloom vegetable seeds just for the fun of it. Choose from between Festive Rainbow Vegetable Blends, Italian Chef Collections 1 and 2, Kaleidoscope Salad Mix, and the Tex Mex Vegetable Collection.

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    Container Collection

  • 8 seed packet cool season vegetable collection.

    Cool Season Re-Vamp Pack

    $8.21 Sale!
  • 8 seed packet easy to grow cool season collection.

    Easy To Grow Collection

    $7.94 Sale!
  • 7 seed packet Festive Vegetable collection.

    Festive Rainbow Vegetable Collection

    $6.93 Sale!
  • Vegetable seed packets in our Fresh Herbs Salad Mix.

    Fresh Herbal Salad Mix

    $6.57 Sale!
  • 5 seed packet heirloom tomato collection.

    Heirloom Tomato Collection

  • 7 seed packet herb garden collection.

    Herb Garden Collection

    $6.41 Sale!
  • 8 packet Italian Chef vegetable collection.

    Italian Chef Collection

    $7.13 Sale!
  • 7 seed packet Kaleidoscope vegetable collection.

    Kaleidoscope Collection

    $6.77 Sale!
  • 8 seed packet pickling collection.

    Pickling Collection

    $7.21 Sale!
  • 7 seed packet roasting collection.

    Roasting Collection

    $5.89 Sale!
  • 7 packet roots and shoots collection.

    Roots and Shoots Collection

    $6.29 Sale!
  • 8 seed packs for the Super Greens vegetable collection.

    Super Greens Collection

    $8.37 Sale!
  • 8 seed packet Taste of Asia vegetable collection.

    Taste of Asia Collection

    $7.89 Sale!
  • 7 seed packet Tex-Mex vegetable collection.

    Tex Mex Vegetables Collection

    $6.41 Sale!