Thanksgiving Kale

Cooking Kale

by Sandy Swegel

Three Ways to Enjoy Kale for Thanksgiving

I got off easy this year in Thanksgiving tasks…I only have to bring a vegetable side dish.  All the traditional dishes were spoken for by the time I got to pick my contribution so as I looked out the window at the overgrown kale plants, it became obvious I should make a kale dish.  My own recipes for kale aren’t too exciting, so I asked the internet.  Here are some awesome possibilities for kale that I came up with.

The Washington Post set the tone for choosing a kale recipe.  They recommend an awesome “Slow Roasted Tuscan Kale” because “It doesn’t taste healthful, an important trait for those avoiding anything virtuous during the holidays.” Ain’t that the truth!  Most people don’t want lightly sautéed kale for a holiday meal: they want rich and creamy comfort foods


Taste Test Winner

Chef Suzanne Goin’s recipe is even vegan, but no one needs to know that. the long slow cooking makes it holiday yummy.


The Today show was adventurous and made a video to make a kale soufflé.  If you’re going to do the work of a soufflé, I say go all the way and make Martha Stewart’s Kale and Cheese Soufflé. It has a perfect holiday ratio of butter to kale.  One stick of butter per bunch of kale!

Healthy but Still Tasty

If you insist on your kale dish being healthy, I like the recipes that add in fruit and nuts.  Kale and cranberries and toasted almonds sound great to me. Skip the cheeses so the vegans can have something good to eat!



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