Perennial Wildflower Seeds

You know the adage about perennial wildflowers. First they sleep, then they creep, then they leap. Perennials need their first year to establish roots and many don’t even flower until the second year. Planting perennial wildflower seeds is one of the most thrifty things you can do in your gardens. Foxglove and lupines are both underused magnificent bloomers in gardens, and they can cost many dollars per plant from garden centers. You can have dozens and dozens of them blooming next year if you plant seed this year. Growing all the flowers for cutting that you’ve always wanted — daisies and Echinacea and Rudbeckia – is simple from seed. One packet of seed can give you dozens of  perennial wild flowers just one year from planting.

  • Packet of Rigid Goldenrod seeds.

    Goldenrod, Rigid – Solidago rigida

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    Sweet Alyssum, ‘Royal Carpet’ – Lobularia maritima ‘Royal Carpet’

  • Flax, Blue – Linum perenne appar.

  • Lemon Balm – Melissa officinalis

  • common milkweed

    Milkweed, Common — Asclepias syriaca

  • Smooth Aster

    Aster, Smooth – Symphyotrichum laeve

  • Columbine, Dwarf Garden – Aquilegia vulgaris

  • Sweet Alyssum Wildflower seed pack

    Sweet Alyssum – Lobularia maritima

  • Rock Soapwort Wildflower Seeds

    Soapwort – Saponaria ocymoides

  • Snow-in-Summer

    Snow-in-Summer – Cerastium biebersteinii

  • Scarlet Sage Wildflower Seeds

    Sage, Scarlet – Salvia coccinea

  • Showy Primrose

    Primrose, Showy – Oenothera speciosa

  • Primrose, Evening – Oenothera missouriensis

  • Iceland Poppy

    Poppy, Iceland – Papaver nudicaule

  • Poppy, California – Eschscholzia californica