Windowsill Arrangements

Why You Need Windowsill Arrangements

by Sandy Swegel

“It’s strange the way, after a while, we seem to stop looking out the windows of our home.” This clever observation by Nancy Ross Hugo led her to many days of creating tiny arrangements of flowers on her windowsill. She muses, “when you’re arranging on the windowsill, the backdrop (the scene outside the window), almost insists on being seen.”

I recently ran across Nancy’s blog of windowsill arrangements (and a book just published) and just fell in love with the idea of these small whimsical arrangements of nature. Growing up in traditions of the deep South, my family often had little bud vases of a single bloom in the guest bedroom or the bathroom counter. I like windowsill arrangements because they draw on that same idea of delicate touches of natural beauty dotted here and there throughout the house. I also like that a windowsill arrangement unites the creativity of using found pieces and perhaps a single flower with the use of an unusual container such as a bud vase or perhaps a crystal glass or a china egg cup or a mini terrarium. I also like it that windowsill arrangements don’t cost much.


Give windowsill arranging a try. You don’t have to be a great artist to create a lovely bit of art that unites the backdrop of your outdoors with a bit of beauty and color right on your windowsill. Delightful.








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