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How to Get Rid of Weeds

Tips for Weeding by Sandy Swegel That’s the question I hear most often in Spring. The question comes most often from my friends who are very smart and successful in busy lives.  Their garden is one aspect of their beautiful complicated lives but it’s always a challenge because it’s not easy to make nature conform […]


Women Farming Show By Sandy Swegel   OMG, I found the best show to binge watch!  No not a zillion episodes of an old sitcom from my youth. FarmHer is an internet-based show about women farming!  There are beautiful landscapes of Midwestern farms and silly scenes of baby goats climbing all over the farmher.  Farmhers […]

How to Pick a Pea

Heirloom Vegetable Tips By: Sandy Swegel How to pick a pea to grow, that is. There are so many varieties of peas to choose from….which one shall we grow? Here are three peas with very good reasons to grow them. For snow peas, the generally accepted superior variety is “Oregon Sugar Pod II.” Research trials […]

A New Movie About Art and Gardens

Opening in independent theaters this week is a wonderful “gallery film” The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism. It’s a new movie about art and gardens opening across the US and the U.K. beginning March 26th, so check out your local listings right away. Here’s the description of the film written by its producers more artistically than […]

The Windy Garden

Building a Wind Resistant Garden By: Sandy Swegel This could be a perfectly beautiful early Spring. We’ve had a week of warm sunny weather that is waking up the daffodils and tulips. Birds are flitting about and energetically singing out mating calls. It’s a joyful break from dark winter days. But then there’s the wind. […]

Crevice Gardens

By: Sandy Swegel Some crevice gardens look like regular gardens where flowering plants cover all the rocks. Others look more like rocky alpine mountainsides. The Denver Botanic Gardens latest crevice gardens combine sculptural placement of the rocks with native plants. So keep at eye out for a crevice garden near you. Botanic Gardens around the […]

Give your House Plants a Spa Day

House Plant Care By: Sandy Swegel Right about this time of year is when your indoor plants are all stressed out. It’s been months of winter and dry heated air. Outdoors in nature, wild plants are enjoying spring rains that clean off their leaves and freshen their soil. Once again, we plant lovers know to […]

Take a Listening Walk

By: Sandy Swegel The skies were gray this morning.  The landscape was brown and dead.  I kept looking for Spring but at best there were just the green tips of bulbs appearing among dead leaves. Maybe the buds were swelling on trees.  It was cold, but it still felt like Spring.  How could that be? […]


A Good Seed Read By:  Sandy Swegel   Hope Jahren has helped me fall even more deeply with seeds and the natural world this week. Our book group just started to read her best selling book “Lab Girl.” Lab Girl is like two books in one….a marvelous account of her life as a woman in […]

Start Your 4th of July Party Now

Firecracker Penstemon By: Sandy Swegel Get your Fireworks and start your 4th of July party now.  One of my favorite things about perennials is that you plant them once and they bloom year after year.  Their appearance every year becomes one of the sweet rituals of the garden.  Bright red Firecracker Penstemon is a favorite […]