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Choosing a Pot for Your Container Garden

by Chris McLaughlin Whether you’re growing flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, or small trees, container gardening has made a big comeback and in my opinion, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. These mini-gardens are fast, simple, versatile, and beautiful which makes them popular with all gardeners; no matter how much space they have to work […]

Seed-saving: Collecting Dry Seed

by Chris McLaughlin It’s easy to save seeds from plants that produce pods, husks, and other dry casings such as peas, beans, and flowers. The technique is called “dry processing” and is faster than collecting seed from fleshy, pulpy fruits such as tomatoes and cucumbers.  Seeds that are dry-processed can be allowed to dry right on […]

The Versatile Dwarf Conifer

by Chris McLaughlin Conifer trees are easy to recognize with their evergreen, needle-type leaves and the cones on their branches.  In my opinion conifers offer some solid, reliable backbone to any yard — not to mention they’re handsome. I don’t know about you, but aside from the useful plants, I enjoy a little handsome in my […]

How to Manipulate Your Microclimates

by Chris McLaughlin Whoever said “You can’t fool Mother Nature,” never met a gardener. We can and we do fool her as often as we can get away with it.  Anyone living anywhere can learn to use their unique microclimates and to take the greatest advantage of their situation. Permanent structures such as houses, walls, and […]