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The Not-So-Dangerous Bee Swarm

Why to Respect these Valuable Pollinators It’s the stuff of Hollywood movies and spine-chilling stories — a swarm of bees attacking everything in their path. Mad, ruthless, and vicious buzzing creatures covering whatever strikes their fancy (usually a person) until they succumb to the deadly stings! This is how a swarm of bees behaves, right? […]

Choosing a Pot for Your Container Garden

Finding the Perfect Pot by Chris McLaughlin Whether you’re growing flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs, or small trees, container gardening has made a big comeback and in my opinion, it’s a trend that’s here to stay. These mini-gardens are fast, simple, versatile, and beautiful which makes them popular with all gardeners; no matter how much space […]

The Versatile Dwarf Conifer

Why You Need Conifer Trees by Chris McLaughlin Conifer trees are easy to recognize with their evergreen, needle-type leaves and the cones on their branches.  In my opinion conifers offer some solid, reliable backbone to any yard — not to mention they’re handsome. I don’t know about you, but aside from the useful plants, I enjoy […]

How to Manipulate Your Microclimates

Fooling Mother Nature by Chris McLaughlin Whoever said “You can’t fool Mother Nature,” never met a gardener. We can and we do fool her as often as we can get away with it.  Anyone living anywhere can learn to use their unique microclimates and to take the greatest advantage of their situation. Permanent structures such as […]