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Keep Your Lettuce Sweet

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds by Sandy Swegel It’s only the beginning of June, but hot days can already cause your lettuce to begin to turn bitter or bolt. But an attentive gardener can keep her lettuce sweet and tasty with a few easy tricks. Lettuce generally turns bitter when it begins to mature or bolt. The […]


Jumpstart your Lettuce Garden

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Our new tricolor blend of romaine lettuces has me itching to get my salad garden started. I like Romaines because they are especially nutritious, comparable to kale. And I like this blend because it’s shiny and colorful. There’s a lovely gloss to the colorful Romaines that looks beautiful in the garden and […]


LETTUCE, All Season Blend, Org

A mix of 4 heirloom varieties; Rouge de Hiver, 4 Seasons, Royal Oak Leaf, Grand Rapids, blended to create colorful mixtures with varying colors and leaf types. This garden blend is selected for heat and drought tolerance. All Season Sampler is an excellent choice for sowing in containers and gardens throughout the year.


Lettuce, Red Deer Tongue, Org

Red Deer Tongue Lettuce is a loose-leaf, organic, lettuce variety with tender, triangular leaves with straight edges and tinged with red, thin midribs and a pleasant flavor. A sturdy plant and heavy producer, it will tolerate warmer temperatures than most lettuces, but is still cold tolerant, making it a good candidate for season-long harvests.