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How to Share Your Plant Starts for Profit

by Sandy Swegel Sharing plants is a simple joy in life. Sharing plants and making money, well that’s even better. Read on to learn how to share your plant starts for profit. My happy group of gardening buddies first got to know each other because of our great avarice for more seeds. We had all […]

2 Easy Ways to Have More Flowers Next Year

A fun guide on how to grow more flowers, easily! The two methods include: 1. Sowing mature seeds – Remove seed pods from spent and dried flowers. – Break apart seed pod to release mature seeds. – Scatter seeds and stir them into the soil surface. 2. Replanting new starts – Locate new seedlings starting […]

Coming Soon: Grand Finale of Color

Coming Soon: Grand Finale of Color by Sandy Swegel Quit tidying up. There’s something you seldom hear. Sanitation in the garden is important year-round, but September is special in that we are slowly building up to the grand finale of Fall Color that changing leaf color brings. You can help make that more spectacular in your garden. […]

What’s Wrong with this Leaf?

Identify What’s Wrong With Your Plants by Sandy Swegel What do you do when one of your plants suddenly starts looking like it’s sick.  I mentally go through a list of things I’ve seen before. Is it powdery mildew? Is that grasshopper damage?  If the plant is next door to a yard that doesn’t have […]

More Wildflowers

All About Wildflowers by Sandy Swegel The fields and meadows of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado are awash in wildflowers this year.  Lots of moisture in the Fall and Spring has turned our mountains into riots of color that started early and keeps going and going.  We, gardeners, keep playing hooky from our weeding tasks to hike along mountain […]

Morning Garden Meditation

Spending Time in You’re Garden by Sandy Swegel Yesterday afternoon the musical ditty stuck in my head was a new rendition of “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer.”  The music was the same but the lyrics were “I got dive bombed by a Hummingbird.”  I was minding my own business weeding a lovely rock […]