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Seeds are the New Hollywood Celebrities

Seed Stories You Need to Check Out By Sandy Swegel Seeds are the New Hollywood Celebrities The importance of seeds to life on Earth is growing in our consciousness. Have you noticed there are a number of new movies and other media about seeds? “Seeds” and “Sustainable Farming” are definitely “IN.” Many films are now […]

When Hard Frost Finally Comes

How to Prepare for the Cold by Sandy Swegel We’re supposed to get freezing temperatures soon, and it’s getting beyond the point where a bed sheet thrown over the tomatoes is going to help.  This is when the hard frost finally comes and it’s time to harvest those green tomatoes and put them in the house […]

A Positive Twist on Garden Problems

How to Learn from Garden Frustrations by Sandy Swegel Gardening guru Elliot Coleman came to talk at the Denver Botanic Gardens last night. One message that he repeated consistently is that he doesn’t focus on problems but he does get excited to find solutions. One’s first thought might be, “Well he hasn’t seen my garden […]

Use Red to Make Your Garden Pop

Why You Need to Incorporate Red by Sandy Swegel  A friend is a marketing guru and always talks about wanting to make things “pop” whether its brochures, interior design or gardens.  Fall is a great time when colors pop. We naturally think of New England with its amazing Fall display. In fact, East Coasters coming to Colorado […]