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Three Wild and Spicy reasons to grow Wild Arugula

by Sandy Swegel Wild arugula is my favorite spring green of the week and this year it’s the first thing I’ve seeded out into the garden during our warm spell. Similar to regular arugula, wild arugula has a “wilder” taste and thinner leaf.  It looks quite like a mustard weed when young if you aren’t […]

Eat More Pie

by Sandy Swegel Now that’s the kind of advice I like to hear from a scientific study. Yesterday someone served me some organic “wild” blueberries (Woodstock brand, frozen) and I was immediately smitten with the intensely delicious flavor of these half-size berries.  I’ve been eating more blueberries lately for health reasons…good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, protective against […]

Five Spot: A wildflower for shade and for native bees

by Sandy Swegel I love blue flowers so naturally I am enthused about our new “Blue Blazes” collection of seeds for eight different blue wildflowers. What really caught my attention is a little flower I’ve never seen growing that now I just have to have. Nemophila maculata is white with single blue-purple spots on the […]

Attract chickadees to your garden

by Sandy Swegel Chickadees are out and about on warm winter days.  They are the tiny white birds with black heads that are flittering and chirping vocally on sunny January days.  I often see them in the top branches of evergreens. Chickadees are small birds that don’t migrate but hunker down in tree cavities to […]

Thanksgiving Kale

by Sandy Swegel Three Ways to Enjoy Kale for Thanksgiving I got off easy this year in Thanksgiving tasks…I only have to bring a vegetable side dish.  All the traditional dishes were spoken for by the time I got to pick my contribution so as I looked out the window at the overgrown kale plants, […]

Garlic Chives – A Rugged Plant with Pretty Flowers

by Sandy Swegel   It’s that time of year when I nominate plants for this year’s Garden Awards. All Fall I’ve been admiring one plant that is a “crossover” plant able to be a contender in both the “Tough and able to handle the absolute worst soil and little water” category AND a nominee in […]