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What is your favorite tomato?

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds by Heather Stone What’s your favorite tomato? All true tomato lovers and growers have a few tomato varieties that they just couldn’t imagine not growing and always recommend to their friends and fellow gardeners. One popular heirloom tomato variety that continues to be a favorite among many and consistently wins taste tests […]


Yellow Windowbox Cherry Tomato

Yellow Window Box Cherry Tomato is perfect for patio containers, this compact bush tomato reaches a height of only 12″ and produces an abundance of flavorful, bright-yellow cherry tomatoes.  Plant this tomato in pots or as a border plant.


Tomatoes in the Heat

Tips for Gardening in the Heat by Sandy Swegel My neighbor is panicking and frantically watering all her plants and trees that have droopy wilting leaves. The leaves weren’t getting any better and she feared there was some horrid disease killing everything. But there isn’t some disease…the plants are just stressed by our heat wave […]


Tomato Lovers: It’s Time! Make Your Decisions!

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds by Sandy Swegel If you don’t already have your tomatoes growing….this is The Day. April 1st is my official day to start my tomatoes indoors. I’m in Zone 5 and last frost is six weeks away. You may start yours earlier if you live in a warmer place or have walls of […]


Feed the Tomatoes and Veggies

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds By Sandy Swegel So more of them will feed you.  Last week we talked about being on the home stretch for the vegetable garden (at least here in Zone 5.)  Lots of plants are super stressed this year by early rains and now intense heat.  In Colorado, some farmers are only now […]


When are your tomatoes ready to pick?

Tips for Picking Tomatoes by Sandy Swegel You might think this is a completely obvious question. You pick tomatoes when they are red and falling off the vine ready to eat. But I asked a few gardening friends how they decided when to harvest tomatoes and as always, with gardeners, there are more opinions than […]