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The Complete Milkweed Buying Guide

What Species of Milkweed is Best For You By Sam Doll Monarch Butterflies are amazing North American animals! Their iconic, colorful wings are actually warnings for potential predators. Those spots and strips are big caution signs saying: STOP; I TASTE BAD! Every year, the Monarchs embark on one of nature’s most astonishing mass migrations. This […]

Our 5 Most Popular Pollinator Seed Mixes

  Save the Pollinators Pollinators are the magic ingredient that makes our natural world work. They fuel lifecycles of entire ecosystems and are found everywhere flowering plants are. Humans are also incredibly dependent on pollinators. Pollinators come in all shapes and sizes. Honeybees, native bees, bumblebees, butterflies, birds, bats, and other wild critters are all […]

Our Most Popular Wildflower Seed Mixes May 2019

Wildflower Seeds What is a wildflower? Well, a wildflower is any flowering plant that has not been altered from its wild state. These plants have had no selective breeding, no genetic modification, and are all natural! These little beauties can be found in nearly any environment; from mountains to prairies, swamps to deserts! Wildflowers provide […]

Three Types of Vegetable Trellises You Can Build Yourself

Vegetable Trellises by Sam Doll Spring is just around the corner. That means that it is time to start getting your garden prepped for the growing season! You’re probably busy cleaning, ordering, and planning your garden before you need to worry about getting those seeds in the ground. One DIY project you should consider is […]

An Easy Guide to Perfect Kombucha

  Kombucha Tips by Sam Doll Sweet, sour, fizzy, and funky; Kombucha (or ‘Booch” for those in the know ?) has been super trendy of late. This fermented tea drink is chock full of healthy probiotics, antioxidants, and good vibes! The thing is, it is pretty pricey at the supermarket. Most bottles of kombucha are […]

How To Can Fruit: A Beginners Guide

Canning Fruit by Sam Doll   Summer is the perfect time to enjoy fresh, local fruit. Whether it’s plump, Maine blueberries or sweet, Colorado peaches, every part of the country is offering up a local bounty of great unique fruits. The only problem is that it is hard to make these harvests last! Maybe want […]