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Why Won’t my Garden do What I Say?

Tips for Garden Frustration by Sandy Swegel That’s the kind of questions I’m hearing these days.  Why won’t my plant bloom?  Why aren’t my tomatoes red? Why does my garden look so bad? Why is my tree dying?  Let’s tackle a few of these questions so you can figure out why it seems your garden […]

Straw in the Garden: Be Careful!

Straw May Be Killing Your Crops by Sandy Swegel Straw bales are one of my favorite garden tools.  They are useful to the gardener in so many ways.  All nicely tied up, straw bales are like giant Lego blocks that can be stacked to make so many things. I’m using the term “straw” bale, but […]

It’s Spring. Oh, so Ephemeral!

The Beauty of Spring by Sandy Swegel Spring Equinox is officially upon us. All the joys of the season abound. Birds singing, Crocuses blooming, Baby lambs gamboling in the fields outside of town. Yet one of the dearest and most fleeting of Spring delights is the annual blooming of the spring ephemeral wildflowers. This is a great […]