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BBB Seed’s Wildflowers to Attract Butterflies and Birds

Wildflower Seeds by Heather Stone It brings great pleasure to see more birds and butterflies about the garden and we as gardeners can do a lot to attract and protect the birds and butterflies that visit our garden. These critters simply need a safe place to live and healthy food to eat. Butterflies For butterflies, […]

Honey Bee Swarms

HONEYBEE SWARMS: CAUSE FOR CONCERN? by The Bees Waggle Swarming is a large cluster of honeybees (tens of thousands!) hanging in a ball from a surface, and it begins in the spring.  It is the reproduction of honeybee colonies. “How,”  you ask? The hive is considered a superorganism, which means all parts are uniquely necessary […]

Fall Blooming Plants for Pollinators

Wildflower Seeds by Heather Stone As the days become shorter and the nights cooler and the season shifts from summer to fall many of us can find our gardens to be a little lackluster. Not much is blooming after the abundance of color throughout the spring and summer. This is where fall blooming plants come […]

Drying: An Easy Way to Preserve Your Herbs

Leaves If you’re harvesting leaves, the best time to pick is before the plant begins to flower. Flowers If you’re harvesting flowers, harvest the blossoms just before they are in full bloom. Seeds If you’re harvesting seeds, the seeds should remain on the plant until they are fully mature and begin to dry.   Here […]

12 Easy Ways to Save Water Now

Saving Water by Heather Stone No matter where you live reducing your water use is important. Water is a finite resource and we are using more of it than ever. Did you know that the average American uses 88 gallons of water a day at home? In comparison, Europeans use about half that and in […]